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Welcome to the  Wonderful World of Wildcat Art!

The Normal West Art Department offers students a variety of classes to choose from to find their academic success, career opportunities, meet graduation requirements, and college admission requirements. 

With 15 different classes to choose from students can easily find a class that interests and meets the requirements for elective course with a project-based class. Classes are available in 4 areas of art: 2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, Art-Related Technology and Art History. In these classes, students will work in a studio setting where projects are completed with teacher assistance, for a high success rate. Students are provided with even more options, since some courses that are non-sequential.

In addition to meeting graduation and college admission requirements, students will learn career skills while building a portfolio of work. Students’ portfolio of work will give them what they need to apply for the many art scholarships and job opportunities available after graduation. Also, students will learn life long skills such as communicating visually and presentation skills to benefit them in school and in the workplace.   

Here is a printable brochure to help find the class you'd enjoy the most. We encourage students to circle the classes they would like to enroll in and take this with them when registering: 
Why Art? Brochure   

For a more detailed description of each class you may download a copy our full brochure: 
High School Art Courses   
To view additional student work for each class, we invite you to watch our Art Department videos:  
Advanced Art 1
Advanced Art 2  
Graphic Design 1 & 2 
Ceramics/Sculpture I  Ceramics/Sculpture II    
Desktop Publishing/Yearbook 1, 2, & 3  
Digital Photography/Photo 2   
Drawing and Painting 1 & 2

Julie Hinman (113C)  

Building Chair    (309)336-6264


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Career Information

Calling All Artist! BCPA Student Art Showcase