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 The Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses designed to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of a wide range of students.  The state requires 3 years of mathematics, one of which must be Algebra 1 and one of which must include Geometry content.  It is recommended that college intending students take 4 years of mathematics in high school.

Math Department


Back (L to R) D. Wilson, K.Kimball, T.Sennett, S.Beaty, D.Hallatt, J.Breuning,  J.Hoefer,  
Front (L to R)     K.Rohlwing, M.Kopp, A.Schermann, P.Saal, P.Kelley, V.Kafer

Contact Us          

Mathematics Dept.    (No voice mail)

  (309) 336-6428

 April Schermann
(Dept. Head)

website email (309) 336-6270
Shawn Beaty website email (309) 336-6314
Jeff Breuning website email (309) 336-6315
David Hallatt website email (309) 336-6318
Vicki Kafer website email (309) 336-6319
Patricia Kelley website email (309) 336-6320
Kyle Kimball website email
Maggie Kopp website email (309) 336-6850
Kim Rohlwing website email (309) 336-6840
Patricia Saal website email (309) 336-6330
Tim Sennett website email (309) 336-6332
Devin Wilson website email (309) 336-6312

Calculator Contract

Buying a new Calculator-

TI Rewards Symbol

If purchasing a Texas Instrument’s calculator , please save the rewards label from the back of the box and deliver it to Mrs. Kafer in the West Math Department or your student’s math teacher. In the past, the math department has used these rewards to purchase class sets of calculators, calculator caddy’s and navigation tools for the TInspires. Thank you for your support.