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There are limited choices.


Choices within departments are diverse which necessitates careful planning before January course selection.

Teams coordinate projects and tests, limiting overlap.


Several projects/or tests may be during the same week. Therefore student responsibility is key to success.

Schedule is by grade level; often assigned seating.


No assigned seating; lunch is with all grade levels. Lunch is determined by your schedule.

Hallway time is brief as most classes are within easy access of each other.


You are allowed four minutes to get to your next class which may be located across the building.

Parents contact team leader or counselor who in turn will convey that message to the entire team.

Conveying an Academic Concern

For academic concerns contact the teacher directly. For academic concerns that affect every subject contact the counselor.

Due to the team concept, teachers may be more aware of and accommodating for missing assignments.

Make-up Work

Communicate with each teacher when you return to school. You are responsible for make-up work.

Teachers may take the time to talk with the student about slipping grades.


Teachers will expect the student to be aware that poor participation, attendance and test scores are affecting his/her grade.

There are no semester exams.


Semester exams are part of your grade. Freshman year is just as important as the others.

Each year begins anew, 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Course Selection

Choice of courses made in the freshman year may impact the choices the student will be able to make for the next three years. In addition, student choices in course selection will impact college selection.

Grades may impact math and science choices for freshman year.


Grades made each year are figured into the GPA. Thus, from the minute the student walks in the door as a freshman, there is a tremendous responsibility to perform, and to know where to get necessary help. Grade determination is based on total credit you have earned.

In many ways, each year can stand independently of the other.

Four Year Plan

Choices made the freshman year impact choices that are made the following three years, and indeed what colleges and universities the student may consider or be considered by. This is true of content area and of grading.

There is none!


GPA is determined each semester and is cumulative.

Teams are comprised of the adult professionals who teach your student everyday and the counselor; all meet on a regular basis to discuss student progress.


Teachers work in content area departments.